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Automotive Flexible Exhaust Connectors
Interlock Tubes & EGR Tube
from 1 ½ to 4 inches Nominal Bore Dia and
in lengths ranging from 4 to 12 inches


Bengal Industries manufacturers a wide range of Automotive Exhaust Connectors, which is a part of vehicle exhaust system installed between engine and muffler, and is used to decrease noise and vibration from engine exhaust system and absorb thermal expansion of muffler pipe resulted due to high temperature of exhaust gas.

Automotive Exhaust connector is installed between the engine exhaust and the catalytic converter / muffler. In most of the front wheel drive vehicles, engine is transversely mounted because of the compact design. It helps to protect the silencer and engine from forces at the inlet connection due to high temperatures and fluctuations in exhaust flow rates. It compensates for the misalignment of exhaust pipe, seals the line to protect catalytic converter and prevents the air pollution caused by exhaust gases.

The complete range includes Automotive Exhaust Connectors in various types e.g. (Standard Unlined, Inner Braid Lined and Interlock Hose Lined). These are available in all regular sizes and special sizes can also be manufactured according to specific customer requirements.

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