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It is the people who make an organization - We at Bengal Industries Pvt. Ltd. believe growth-directed change can be achieved through committed and competent people at various levels. With this in mind, we have laid down our human resource policies to keep our people on the path to continuous improvement.

bullet Recruitment of competent and qualified personnel, with relevant experience, at all levels.
bullet To provide a work environment that leads to self-motivation and employee commitment.
bullet Encouraging and facilitating our employees to continuously acquire new technical as well as behavioral skills.
bullet Providing opportunity to all employees to show initiative and apply their new skills to undertake improvement / Breakthrough projects.
bullet Suggestion Schemes backed with monetary benefit to encourage personnel to continuously think of improvement.
bullet Providing ample opportunities to the existing personnel for internal growth.
bullet Continuously imparting internal training to employees at various levels.
bullet Sponsoring employees with potential for managing key positions for External Training Programs.
bullet Timely, correct and effective communication to foster a spirit of openness.
bullet Transparency and thoroughness in decision making for inspiring mutual trust at all levels.


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